AX742X safe pressure discharcing & retaining valve Multi-functional hydraulic control valve YX741X adjustable pressure reducing& stabilizing valve JD745X multi-functional water pump control valve J145X electric remote control valve F745X remote control floating valve
106X solenoid remote control floating valve 100X remotel-controlledfloating valve 200X pressure-reducing valve 300X slow-closing check valve 400X flow control valve 500X pressure discharge & sustain valve 600X hydraulic electric control valve 700X pump control valve 800X differential by-pass balancing valve 900X emergent-closing valve 100D water-level setting valve 100A angular water level setting valve H142X hydraulic water level control valve ZSFM series diaphragm raining valve 100S angular membrane mud valve Angular quick-open mud valve(hydraulic / pneumatic) JM744X、JM644X membrane hydraulic、pneumatic quick-open mud valve
Instruction for ZY series electric actuator The layouts drawing of ALE The use specifications of PT-2B series controlling modle The use specifications of PT-2E series controlling module
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